People Are Unplugging

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized


The internet has changed the world. We are all travelers, desperate souls searching for a signal to connect us all. The nature of the telecommunications industry is obviously changing.

The Internet is getting faster, more reliable and more available. When large parts of the population have high-speed broadband connections, apps will replace channel. We’re toward the start of a major shift from watching TV to viewing videos including TV shows and movies on the web or on cell phones.
The business model linear TV that involves watching programs at a specific time on a specific day is out of date, anybody can watch their most loved shows whenever wherever. .

Free wifi  at work, in coffee shops, and on campuses  is making it easier for consumers to get the shows, movies and videos they want without subscribing to any kind of cable service. Satellite TV subscribers will be less, and basically be in spots where high speed Internet is not accessible. This is going to challenge cable TV providers.

Except for businesses landlines are going out. Another business that will be affected as the population have high-speed broadband connections. Most of us now own a cell phone. And it’s as easy to video chat with someone from your place as it is to chat with someone abroad over Skype—for free.


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