“Ber” months are here,  are you ready for holiday spending? Searching for a blessing for the children,exceptional somebody or yourself? On the other hand arranging an occasion getaway to Japan? Obviously you can hurry to the closest shopping center and purchase all the endowments you need or go to a head out organization to book your excursion. In any case in today’s pattern, more Filipinos are settling to the most advantageous and bother free – ONLINE SHOPPING!

Would you say it is truly more helpful doing internet shopping than the customary one?

 Here are a few Pros and Cons of  Online Shopping.


  •  you can come close item costs between prominent traders with simply few clicks away.


  •  you don’t have to drive some place to purchase something.


  •  it spares valuable time


  •  it will spare you from holding up in lines to make your buy and set starting with one store then on to the next to discover something you may be searching for.


  •  you never need to ponder needing to sit tight for the perfect time to shop, to evade swarms



  • seeing and touching an item is a critical component for some individuals when purchasing things.


  • you wouldn’t like to purchase any apparel items on the grounds that you won’t have the capacity to know whether they are going to look great on you or not


  • wrong size and shade

 Boy Wearing Men's Dress Shoes and Suit

  •  Waiting time between ordering and paying all fees and finally getting of your purchased item


  • Shipping Charge


  •  SCAM!!. Uncertain payment method online and the fear of being a victim of identity theft.


Internet shopping can possibly make life so advantageous for you particularly for this Christmas season. It is fun, just in the event that you know how to gage genuine online dealers. I propose you can go web looking for low extend items or with money down. For purchasing more prominent expense items , run with customary shopping. So if anything happens, you can go specifically to whom you had  purchased the products.




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Technology has redefined living. It has definitely changed the way we live with great impact in every facets of our lives.  It surely made it easier. Complex daily processes were carried out effectively and efficiently through the help of modern technology.

As a student, I find advancement of technology very functional. Technology has revolutionized the field of education. Through information technology, learning resources are laid on a convenient factor. It can instantly be accessed by students as well as the teachers. In this way, education has become more collaborative making it an interactive and a pleasurable experience.

It also gives us an easy access to information through the internet. All we need is just to key in the queries and tada! thousands of results can be found.Using a software to make projects or presentations enable us to be more interested on the subject which leads to better retention of the information.

Truly, IT has served not just for us students but every mankind in plentiful ways. Being more knowledgeable about it will surely create a big impact in our future.